Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Miroist - The Pledge ( Album Review )

Welcome to the first album review on this blog! The first of many we hope!

Miroist is a progressive metal/"djent" project from London. This Ep combines many common aspects of Progressive Metal and Djent with elements of Post-Rock. In my personal opinion I feel that many bands try to pull this off and most of the time don't hit the mark. On the other hand Miroist has done a great job in achieving this.

The Pledge EP is a 3 track phenomenon that really distances itself from the ever growing "Djent" stereotype that many other bands follow. It seems that Miroist has created his own style and really built on it throughout the process of this EP.

The Pledge kicks off with i ; Non decipies me , fortuna. Straight away the album kicks in with a fat technical groove. This pulled me in straight away and I knew from there I would enjoy this EP. After this massive riff , Miroist breaks it down with an ambient "chug" section , showing his versatility and writing skills.I really like the chord progression uses in the section as I personally feel it complements the ambient layers extremely well. My favorite part of this song is definitely the transition into the final groove at 4:20. I applaud Miroist's Production skill to create this.

The second song ii ; Schopenhauer's Fallacy is a more ambient track than Non Decipies. After a minute of ambience and a jazz style drum groove, the piece becomes more upbeat with a fast paced groove and the song comes to life.

iii ; He had been old in the beginning; but he was saved is the closing track of The Pledge. It is an 8 minute masterpiece and a great ending to a very enjoyable EP. This song has it all! Hard hitting grooves and Trippy Ambient sections supported by Heavy chugging guitars!

The highlight of the EP was the Post-Rock/Djent section in iii ; He had been old in the beginning; but he was saved. From 3:08 I was completely lost in music. The ambience supported by the chugging was absolutely beautiful , it created a really nice atmosphere me and reminded me of Post-Rock legends such as God Is An Astronaut and a heavier version of This Will Destroy You.

My Verdict

5/5 - I thoroughly enjoyed The Pledge from start to finish , I felt that the use of ambient Post-Rock style sections mixed with big grooves was great.

For Fans Of

- Fell Silent
- TesseracT
-God Is An Astronaut
-This Will Destroy You
-Outrun The Sunlight

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