Tuesday, 24 July 2012


If you are reading this , thank you for looking and welcome to the first post on the DWTV Blog.

We are DjentWorldwideTV. A "djent" scene promotion company looking to help promote the bands in the scene. We try to achieve this by doing several things. Things started kicking off on our original YouTube which was made in early 2011. The channel started to gain a lot of notice when we uploaded Alex Bois by Vildhjarta. This song was shared by many Djent FaceBook groups and got the channel a bit of notice. Things took a turn for the worst as our account was banned for Copyright reasons.

After a few months out of the "promotion" scene , we came back with a new YouTube channel. Things started off slowly but now we are moving forward with 304 subscribers and 47,000 views. We also recently created a FaceBook page which is also gaining popularity.

"DjentWorldwide is a none profit organisation run by a group of 17 year olds from England who have a keen passion for the "Djent" music scene. "Djent" is the preferment to many people on the internet to the sound of 7 and 8 string guitars and is a new wave of music which has exploded onto the metal scene from 2010 (after Meshuggah of course). The point in this Youtube account is to firstly introduce people to djent and to show to the world new sounds/bands and live videos to promote and help them achieve, also for the amazing music. Soon we will have a Facebook page. Everything is also HD \m/"  - Taken from our YouTube and FaceBook channel.

In the future , this blog will be used for many things. Current affairs in the music scene , Album reviews , Live reviews and the occasional bit of press work from the DWTV team.

If you want us to upload or review (even both!) one of your bands songs , send it to DjentWorldwide@Gmail.com.

Many Thanks

DWTV Team.

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